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11: Unrested (3206k)

xeagles entry (550k)

Xeales entry (530k)

2012 done (445k)
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12: Kazniti (3038k)

Track #1 (842k)

Forsaken Forest (790k)

Contest Entry (638k)
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13: D3CK3R (3031k)

Extreme Journey (697k)

Creativity Contest (488k)

3 Way Mountain (314k)
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14: Forlorn333 (3003k)

Penguin Collab (743k)

Penguin Collab (723k)

300k Preview (320k)
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15: odin333 (2796k)

Stone Mountain v2 (1287k)

Stone Mountain (576k)

Day At The Cottage (503k)
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16: Stig (2774k)

WJP NTBF (765k)

Canvas Rider DB (374k)

Saints Empire (283k)
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17: Jiffy (2749k)

through the town (427k)

trials way (410k)

trial mountain (228k)
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18: rap journey (2731k)

CCE (808k)

Country Slopestyle (246k)

Arctic slopes (238k)
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19: thefunkymonkie (2647k)

MTB inc (922k)

MTB inc HARD (921k)

MTBX 09 Round 1 (283k)
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20: pisco (2529k)

now bettttttter (265k)

my 50 best race (265k)

my 32 best race (256k)
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