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Location: Drowning in a pit of semen.
Age: 30
Gallery: http://forum.fr2db.fr/topic5509.html

Kazniti's tracks ( 13 )

30 minute challenge (-16)

Forest of September (8)

Forsaken Forest (401)

High Rise (145)

Cliffside (0)

Koenigsegg CCX (3)

Ferrari F50 (-30)

Impossible Trial (-8)

Cave Trials (421)

Mountain Peak (507)

Stunts Course (9)

Contest Entry (43)

Track #1 (1.4K)

Kazniti's top records ( 71 / 212 )

TIMES UP by bangtango (8)

Art CE by south (191)

Hilly Jumps by Adam by davidandadam (201)

stairs by Ramp Man (255)

Rocky Exploration by Redline900 (85)

Forest of September by Kazniti (8)

Clone Wars by JTMilne (949)

Moab Detailed by DrManBearPig (104)

claustrophobia by Cdawgrider133 (12)

ninja warrior RND 1 by DrManBearPig (821)

Robotic Tasks by TheOnlyChuckNorris (639)

SSCE by CRTM (460)

Cliff Jumping by Zawg (660)

The thief Part1 by harry_hello123 (224)

Fyea01 by Stig (15)

Chillwind Woods by lolz666 (4.5K)

Canvas Rider by Track Jacker (274)

Fission by THEPENGUINs (958)

Desolate by mR..AuTo (66)

Vendetta by BINGBANGBOOM (12)

Land Of The Robot by fried_rider (53)

Future AIO by gongo999 (249)

the supermarket by fried_rider (8)

MTB inc by thefunkymonkie (1.1K)

Oriental Expedition by THEPENGUINs (113)

Freeride v2 by nisanz (249)

Egypt by ©opywrite (80)

Short DownHill by artyst (582)

Contest Entry by RHINO (865)

Contest Entry by mR..AuTo (47)

Contest entry by Ness (176)

Contest entry by ©opywrite (23)

cool track by Tacos25 (322)

Trip To The Park V4 by downhill_elite_rider (447)

Chase by thefunkymonkie (962)

The Office by Qwerty McKay (12)

Nailed by LDPrider (7)

World In Ruins by Detailed (1.1K)

ChampionsFreeride 2 by bastdecks (337)

preveiw Highlands by ©opywrite (378)

Collab by Febrezeee Man (121)

Japanese Forest Ride by Forlorn333 (672)

Fire Temple by LDPRider (37)

Mountain Level by RHINO (8)

Short Detail fun by I6AP (1K)

Forsaken Forest by Kazniti (401)

Pure Nature by gongo999 (5.4K)

Cce by lolz666 (351)

Fantasy Route by gongo999 (1.3K)

The Secret Valley by lolz666 (1.4K)

OneWheelInversion by TheZengo (153)

halloween CE by max007x (277)

Contest Entry by wolfram (483)

contest entry by max007x (95)

Mountain Peak by Kazniti (507)

Stunts Course by Kazniti (9)

Contest Entry by Kazniti (43)

American Outback by lolz666 (415)

Break the surface by Gräggen (20)

Contest Entry by RichIBuildJumps (72)

up the mountain by lolz666 (22)

Catch ya plane by moose_man (248)

Antarctic slopes by lolz666 (1.5K)

Egyptian empire by lolz666 (1.4K)

sweet mountain track by lolz666 (454)

Olympia ride by lolz666 (463)

3D Bedroom by moose_man (1.6K)

china adventure by lolz666 (61)

City Gaps by moose_man (13)

FR2DB by moose_man (65)

Track #1 by Kazniti (1.4K)
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